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Quick Facts

Starkville businesses are supported by the Greater Starkville Development Partnership, a partnership between the Starkville Area Chamber of Commerce, the Oktibbeha County Economic Development Authority, and the Starkville Convention and Visitors Bureau.


A $74 million highway improvement project is underway which includes a 12-mile U.S. Highway 82 by-pass, 8-mile relocation of MS Highway 25 and 1-mile extension of MS Highway 12.

In calendar year 2001, 72 permits for new single-family homes were issued with an average construction value of $104,194. From January 1997 through December 2001, building permits were issued for 456 single-family homes. From January 1999 through December 2001, 39 multi-family building permits were issued for 878 apartment units.

The approximate dollar value of all building permits issued in the City of Starkville for the past six years is shown below.
1996: $19,562,372
1997: $22,337,600
1998: $20,897,327
1999: $36,826,260
2000: $37,323,850
2001: $30,673,023

Total Personal Income in Oktibbeha County increased from $431.9 million in 1990 to $620,067 million in 1997.

A voter-approved $12.15 million school construction and renovation program to accommodate increased student enrollment was recently completed.

Sales tax increases have averaged 6.74% per year for the past five years.

Increased industry-based employment from 1,800 in 1990 to over 2,900 in 1998, while unemployment rates consistently remain lower than State and national averages.

US News and World Report's economic ranking of the 50 states lists Mississippi eighth in the nation, based on economic variables including employment, per capita income, new business incorporations, building permits, home prices and retail sales. In individual categories, Mississippi ranked 8th in new business growth and employment growth, 4th in income and building permit growth, 6th in home price growth, and 41st in retail sales growth.


Starkville and Oktibbeha County boast a labor of nearly 20,000, 80% of which have a high school diploma. Over 23% have a bachelors, graduate or professional degree. In addition, Starkville offers a commuting labor force of over 78,000.
Number of unemployed workers 13,000
Number of unemployed persons who are seeking work 4200
Number of persons who are not working, but are contemplating re-entering the workforce 1800
Total Number of Workers Available for Employers 19,000


Starkville offers over 670 acres of available property in our business parks, each of which is adjacent to 4-lane highway access. Each park is within 15 miles of the nearest commercial airport and 25 miles of the nearest navigable waterway.

Residential Property 10%
Industrial & Commercial
Real Property 15%
Personal Property 15%

Mileage rates are subject to change each year.
2002 mileage rates (including school tax):
City: 83.81
County: 44.93