Tree Advisory Board

Starkville Tree Advisory Board 2019 Public Meeting Schedule

Purpose and Goals


The City of Starkville Tree Advisory Board is formed to act as an advisory body to the Board of Aldermen for the purpose of :

  1. Assisting city employees on landscape and horticulture practices and developing recommended plant list
  2. Coordinating with other City of Starkville committees and community groups to facilitate the aspects of the City relating to trees and horticulture activities
  3. Coordinating with appropriate entities to obtain grants and procure sources of funds for projects that would increase the treescape and overall beautification of the City
  4. Coordinating events and opportunities with the Mississippi Urban Forest Council (MUFC)
  5. Recommending action to promote the overall tree health and urban forestry for the City of Starkville
  6. Providing guidance as needed to City staff during the development and site plan review process for proposed projects within the City


  1. To assist City staff in the location of areas of need and emphasis for additional landscape and treescape opportunities
  2. To improve the quality of life by enhancing public areas and curb appeal of all of the City's public areas, residential neighborhoods and business corridors through the development and coordination of horticulture and tree plantings
  3. To participate in the long range planning for the development of areas of green space throughout the City

Term Expires
NameTerm Expires
Richard Harkess- Chairman08-07-2022
Scott Willard- Vice Chairman12-06-2020
Robert Brzuszek08-07-2022
Toby Gray08-07-2022
Pete Melby07-18-2022
Peter Summerlin10-04-2020

City of Starkville Staff Contact-
Daniel Havelin City Planner
Emily Corban Assistant City Planner