Public Education


The Public Education and Inspection Division oversees the training and educational programs for the City of Starkville general public targeting the age groups that are more vulnerable to fire accidents and injuries. The public education officer coordinates the training and safety awareness of the general public and provides assistance and support to enhance fire safety and prevention to all those possible.

These responsibilities include scheduling all training and educational programs, maintaining the department's fire-prevention program, helping in investigating all working fires, coordinating all workshops for teachers and assisting the fire chief and other departmental personnel in an advisory or support capacity.

This division, due to the workload and continued growth, is also responsible for code enforcement, fire inspection, pre-planning, fire investigations, and open burning. This division also has the additional responsibility of aiding the Fire Marshal Division with inspecting of dorms, sororities, and fraternities on the campus of Mississippi State University.

Fire Safety

Smoke detectors can save your life. They warn you in time to escape from a fire. We proudly participate in a "free" smoke detector program.

Know How to Escape

  • Always help those who need help
  • Plan your escape route and practice leaving your home
  • Decide one place outside where family members should meet

The Best Place for your Smoke Detectors

  • Outside the bedrooms
  • At each level in the home

Take Care of Them

  • Test monthly
  • Replace battery once a year or when they make a "chirping" sound
  • But it
  • Take care of it
  • Your life may depend on it

Product Hazards or Injuries

To report a product hazard or a product-related injury, write to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Washington D.C. 20207, or call the toll-free hotline at (800) 638-2772. A teletypewriter for the deaf is available on the following numbers:

  • National: (800) 638-8270
  • Maryland only: (800) 492-8104