Development Review Committee


The Development Review Committee (DRC) was established to review all land development applications within the city limits of Starkville. The committee consist of city staff and local utility companies and meets every Thursday at 9:30 am on the second floor of City Hall located at 110 West Main Street. To submit an application for DRC, contact the Planning Department.

The City of Starkville believes in transparent government and Development Review Committee meetings are open to the public. However, Development Review Committee meetings are not public hearings and there is no agenda item for public comment. Only City Staff members and applicants at the appropriate time may speak.

If you desire to speak about any issue The Starkville Board of Aldermen welcomes your comments during citizen comments at regularly schedule meetings of the Board of Aldermen.


Committee Members

Community Development/ Planning:
Daniel Havelin, City Planner
662-323-2525 ext 3136

Community Development/ Planning
Emily Corban, Assistant City Planner 
662-323-2525 ext 3138

Community Development/ Development Services:
Joyner Williams, Building Official and ADA Coordinator 
662-323-8012 ext 3132

Community Development/ Engineering Division:
Edward Kemp, PE, City Engineer 
662-323-2525 ext 3111

Fire Department:
Stein McMullen, Fire Marshall 
662-323-1212 ext 12

Mark McCurdy, Fire Marshall 
662-323-1212 ext 21

Police Department:
Captain Mark Ballard

Starkville Utilities- Water and Sewer:
Andrew Nagel 

Jacob Forrester, Assistant Manager

Vincent McKenzie 

Sanitation & Environmental Services Department:
Calvin Ware

Starkville Utilities- Electric:
Jason Horner, Systems Engineer
662-323-3133 ext 114

4-County Electric Power:
Greg Lewis

Tonya Thompson

Atmos Energy:
Rita Holley, Project Specialist

Charles Green