Parks and Recreation

The Parks and Recreation Department is part of the City of Starkville. This department consists of 14 full-time and up to 20 part-time/seasonal staff who manage three (3) major operational sections: Athletics, Parks and Construction/Development. The Parks and Recreation Department maintains more than 8 parks, 25+ athletic fields/courts and open spaces covering more than 1000 acres with collectively more than 3 miles of natural trails.

Additional Key Businesses include Community outreach and partnership, as well as community event support. The department has an annual budget of approximately $1.6 million dollars annually and generates revenue through state and city-based taxes along with fee-generated programs.

Over 20 game fields are used for a variety of athletic contests, serving youth recreation clubs, school teams, youth “pay for play” clubs such as Starkville soccer, adult leagues and a variety of tournaments each year.

The Parks Division also oversees key volunteer programs, the community Cleanup and Celebration, Earth Day and Arbor Day celebrations, painting projects and relevant Eagle Scout projects. Division staff assists with a myriad of park and greenway cleanup projects, trail building and maintenance, and other park improvement projects. Many of these projects and programs are coordinated with the city’s Volunteer Coordinator, allowing all volunteers to be covered under the City’s volunteer insurance umbrella, as well as documenting the number of annual volunteer hours.


Our Mission is to provide safe, diverse, and inclusive programs, leagues, special events, and partnerships to the entire Starkville Community that will enrich their quality of life. We will operate attractive, clean, and safe parks; top-notch facilities for recreational opportunities; quality recreational programs, and events that provide physical, social, and emotional health benefits. We aim to continuously improve to help build a healthy, happy, and strong community while maintaining financial stability.

Vision Statement

The City of Starkville Parks and Recreation Department strives to provide safe, diverse and inclusive programs and services that enhance the quality of life for all citizens of Starkville.

Starkville Parks and Recreation is "A place to be PROUD of”

Leadership Philosophy

The Starkville Parks and Recreation Leadership Team is a group of dedicated professionals who value honesty, integrity, respect, trust and diversity as their core values, utilizing these as well as thorough and timely communication procedures and positive leadership to propel the organization forward to fulfill our vision and mission.


Teamwork and Community

We work together to make Starkville better. We seek to strengthen partnerships with City departments, organizations, volunteers, and community groups to efficiently provide a diverse mix of recreational opportunities that meet the needs of our community.

Health and Wellness

We build a healthier and happier community by providing a wide variety of active lifestyle opportunities including well-maintained trails and parks, quality recreational facilities, and programs that produce physical, social, and emotional health benefits.


We will demand fiscal responsibility and ensure resource efficiency to be able to ensure a sustainable future. We will create and maintain effective partnerships to help maximize our resources. We will be good stewards in the conservation of our parks and natural spaces.

Customer Service

We are committed to providing exceptional customer service and model ethical and professional behavior through our actions, decisions, policies, and transparency.

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